Environmental Consultancy

A strong environmental reputation is fundamental for sustainable performance in the energy sector. However, the potential for existing and long-term liabilities can be significant with complex technical risks and regulatory requirements.

Calash believes that only technical energy experts truly understand these risks, and Calash Environmental integrates in-house energy expertise with its environmental services. 

Assignments range from reviewing product specifications, operations or facilities to global operations and real estate including:

  • Regulatory compliance assessment and recommendations for improvement
  • Impact assessments and recommendations for containment and clean-up of hydrocarbon or chemical leaks and spills
  • Assessment of wash-down facilities, with recommendations for treatment and recycling of waste water
  • Review of potential liabilities from historic contamination issues and recommendations for mitigating risks of future liability
  • Waste minimisation, segregation, storage, treatment and re-use 
  • Audits of land quality for proposed site acquisition and development
  • Impact assessments of known contamination or non-compliance on proposed transactions

Whatever the issue a rapid assessment is required to deal with the incident safely and effectively and to minimise risk to the client's reputation. Calash's service ensures a rapid response providing pragmatic advice, action plans and support to the client with implementation.