Digitalisation and big data could help to weather future storms

Writing for Energy Voice, Calash Director Ewen MacLean describes how digitalisation and the combining of often disparate datasets with weather records and historical records will result in more accurate simulation modelling offering greater protection to our energy asset infrastructure.

Digitisation – def. The process of changing from analogue to digital form
Digitalisation – def. The use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value producing opportunities

With the effect of this year’s hurricane season still being felt throughout the US, its impact on critical oil and gas infrastructure was immediate; catastrophic in some circumstances, and it will undoubtedly be costly to repair. While we can’t predict when and where hurricanes will strike long term, nor can we forecast wind and wave ferocity, we could however combine lots of information from a wide variety of sources and then incorporate it into a digitalisation program to better plan for these extreme yet periodic weather events and offer our energy asset infrastructure greater protection.

Major hurricanes since 2005, which have affected the Gulf of Mexico and its infrastructure; by strength and severity.


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