Target Identification

Once we have highlighted the subsectors in which our clients wish to invest, we carry out a deep dive review in order to identify specific acquisition targets..

The Calash Target Identification exercises can include the following:

  • Macro market overview
  • Key market drivers and anticipated market growth or trends
  • Explanation of how historic and projected macro factors impact the targets’ markets
  • Estimation of the level of opportunity and sizing of the markets that the targets compete in
  • Consideration as to how other major events are likely to impact the industry

We work with our clients to select their preferred potential targets. We then give a more comprehensive overview of these, outlining their financial and market performance. We assess the target’s current performance, and, based on macro and micro market trends, analyse its potential. 

Once our client has agreed a suitable acquisition target, we can execute either a Sniff Test or full Due Diligence