Group Companies

The Calash Group

The Calash Group includes its flagship due diligence and strategic management consultancy Calash, as well as expert network consultancy Candour, and wastewater treatment and environmental risk consultancy EP. Together, the Group can draw on a range of expertise to successfully inform and advise clients pursuing growth opportunities across the energy and industrials spectrum.
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Calash works with businesses throughout the entire growth journey, from M&A through to business strategy, we’re there to support clients in identifying the opportunities that deliver commercial success and maximum value at exit. Calash has extensive and diverse knowledge that can be applied to any situation, enabling clients to increase business performance, identify growth opportunities and deliver change.

Candour is an expert network provider and strategy consultancy that provides trusted insights to grow business value and assess new markets. It works with institutional and private investors, corporations, and other consultancies to help identify risks and capitalise on opportunities. Candour’s extensive, handpicked network of industry advisors gives access to unparalleled industry knowledge in the energy and industrials markets.
Environmental Processes (EP) provides engineering and consulting services, specialising in ensuring environmental compliance within wastewater treatment systems. EP focuses on oily industrial wastewater, and its services include equipment provision, consultancy, and sample analysis applied to industrial facilities, offshore platforms, vehicle wash bays, waste processing facilities, and marine vessels.