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Market Segmentation:
Know Your Customers

No one knows your business as well as you but there is a limit to what a management team can achieve on its own. Often, internal resource constraints mean opportunities are left on the table. Access to data sources, market intelligence and referencing, and third-party technical and commercial strategy support

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Calash advises Strada Partners on its investment into Elsyca

Calash is pleased to announce that it provided commercial due diligence support to Strada Partners on its majority shareholder investment into Elsyca, a European digital twin simulation software company focussed on predicting and preventing corrosion of critical oil and gas and other energy sector assets. 

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Offshore wind M&A heads towards reboot

The wind sector is in growth mode and stakeholders are fiercely competing to increase their slice of the pie but growing pains have emerged, casting a shadow on previously held assumptions around the commerciality of the sector.

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